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New Technology of 2012

Android-Powered Camera

A top-notch digital camera that’s as easy to use as your smartphone (and includes many smartphone features you’re already used to). Taking and sharing high-quality photos and videos is a breeze. Polaroid SC1630, available this fall.Image


Made in Kachchh —

A visit to a village of weavers, this sunny sunday morning, made me think a lot and I want to share this experience with you. Bhujodi, a small village about ten kilometers east of Bhuj is inhabited by several craftsmen who specialize in hand-loom weaving. Besides the fact that artisans welcomed us to their homes as if we were family, they shared their knowledge with passion and without a second thought about selling anything to us.

weaving05First we meet Narayan-bhai and his son. They specialize in the manufacture of woollen carpets. Today it is a bit special, they are preparing for Diwali, the Indian New Year, so are coating the walls of their home with a mixture of mud, lime and cow-dung.


However seeing our excitement to watch the looms work, they settle down at their looms and start weaving a carpet. Although I’ve seen weaving work before, I am fascinated!…

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Are we living in Quaid’s Pakistan?

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